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Unilever Packaging hall extension


Unilever Hungary





The aim of the extension was to create a larger building to join the existing hall, with the possibility of installing 6 additional packaging lines. The planned building section was started along the existing packaging reception area. At the same time, common office space, meeting rooms, social blocks and a doctor’s surgery were also located in the new part of the building. The new building complex will be used for the storage and dispatch of finished products at the end of the production line, which will allow for optimum use of production capacity and the planning of goods transport.
The interior design won the 2022 “Industrial Office of the Year” award.


Project name: Unilever Packaging hall extension
Client: Unilever Hungary
Typology: BIMIndustrial
Location: Nyírbátor
Year: 2020
Status: accomplished
Size: 11.000 m²
Design team: Magi Tibor, Tóth Péter, Seres Ádám, Kálmán Zalán